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Welcome to! is Devin Boyer's personal website/blog. I've written a number of articles about various weather topics over the past few years, and I hope to expand this site to cover even more about weather and technology in the future.

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About the author

Devin Boyer at the summit of Mt. Beirstadt, CO

I'm Devin Boyer - I've been passionate about both weather and technology for nearly my entire life. I grew up near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I experienced exciting weather in all four seasons which helped to foster my love of the weather and especially thunderstorms. I attended Penn State University and graduated in May 2014 with a degree in meteorology.

In addition to the weather, I have been interested in technology since my family purchased our first computer back in 1997. I published my first website when I was 13 and have maintained several sites, for personal or other purposes, ever since. After spending a few years developing meteorological software at The Weather Company, I am now employed at Mapbox in Washington, D.C., developing high-performance data pipelines that support many parts of the Mapbox platform.

Other interests of mine include photography, music, and exploring the great outdoors!