Weatherwise tidbits and more!

My Projects

Drought Relief

This project is an interactive map displaying the US Drought Monitor and National Weather Service precipitation forecast. I was inspired to build it not just to track the ongoing New England drought, but also because I wanted to explor the MapboxGL JS mapping engine.

US Blizzard Warnings

This project served two purposes. I first wanted to explore the Mapbox interactive mapping platform, and as the historic winter of 2015 kicked into gear, I was curious to examine the frequency of blizzard warnings. I anticipate updating this page in the future with further warnings that were issued for the 2015 winter season. I hope to update it/automate it at some point in the future.

GrADS Command Reference

As part of my current job, I work with the GrADS weather data visualization software. I created this page to be able to easily search documentation for commands and have also added links to other important documentation pieces.

More to come...